London Nuru Erotic Massage

Our studio has long been one of the leading locations for getting nuru erotic massages in the London area. Our girls are known to have a soft and gentle touch and to always get the best results for the customer.

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For those who have never experienced it, nuru massage is a type of erotic massage coming from the Japanese word “nuru” which translates into “slippery.” As you might imagine, it uses a special gel that comes from a type of seaweed. It is colorless, tasteless and, more importantly, odorless, yet very slippery and extremely smooth on the skin. That makes it perfect for this type of massage.

In this type of massage, both you and the masseuse are fully naked. The masseuse will apply the gel on you, which will feel cool at first, and then proceed to slide her body onto yours. The experience of having a beautiful, highly trained massage experts slide and writhe all over you is said to be out of this world.

Apart from the close physical contact, the benefits of this type of massage are numerous, thanks to the special gel that is made from the nori seaweed, the same one used for sushi wraps as well as aloe vera. It hydrates and revitalizes the skin, while at the same time allowing you to absorb the nutrient minerals.

A genuine tantric or yoni massage is an emotional and spiritual journey of touch. It is an opportunity to simply receive without any expectation being placed on you. Tantric / yoni massage it is great for men or women who are longing for the touch of another person or who are not receiving enough pleasure from their partners or who are always expected to offer something in return. It is also valuable for women or men who want to learn how to be multi–orgasmic. As there is no expectation placed on orgasm, if the client has one it can often be very intense. In Tantra this is called “riding the wave”.

The nuru is also known as “soapy” in some places which swap the special gel with soap, but we only use the original. Call today and one of our girls will offer you an unforgettably orgasmic experience that will awaken your sexual energies while at the same time taking you on an exotic trip of the senses.

Nuru Massage is definitely meant for only those who wish to expand their horizons in ways that will leave them feeling more enlightened and uncensored than ever before. As stated, Nuru massage encourages a harmonious balance within the mind and the body. It is soothing, offering lush hydration for the skin, and an exfoliation of the mind so that new ideas might emerge and passions can be freed. So, we are looking at an ideal technique here that not only increases the libido, but unites the mind and body together.

This Nuru massage is a great and exciting massage that is seriously erotic and sensual. This is an ancient kind of massage which is a Japanese form of slide massage. They masseuses in London will make use of the best oil to improve the effect and feeling of the massage. There are different types of massage oils that can be used in this kind of tantric massage.

The list of London tantric massages offered at Supreme tantric would certainly be incomplete without mentioning our ultra-sensual and most intimate massage therapy called the Nuru massage service. Nuru or body slide massage is done using a light weight gel that is easily washable and odorless unlike the heavy-duty oils used in other kinds of tantric massages. Basically Nuru massage offered at Supreme Tantric is great stress reliever that works amazingly well for our clients as far as their sexual desires and fantasies are concerned.