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Misconceptions Benefits Of Tantric Massage: Why You Should Try It Today!


What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage may not mean what you think. Contrary to popular belief, a true erotic massage does not include sex. It is important to know that the concept of “tantra” is based on methods of “awakening,” by meeting of opposites. This is not limited to sex, and includes eating habits and meditative activities. A tantric massage, then, is the joining of both relaxation (yin) and awakening (yang).


What is the difference between a tantric massage, and a regular massage?

A typical masseur will focus on relaxation only. This is why most of us associate a massage with being relaxed. A tantric massage will move between relaxation, and energy stimulating techniques. When done correctly, one should feel a sense of completeness and inner peace after a tantric massage.


Does a tantric massage include sexual organs?

Again, despite what you might have heard, a tantric massage does not have to include the touching of genitals. Because of the use of energy flow, a person can experience arousal, and even sexual climax without any touch of the sexual organs. Legal obligations must be met first, but a tantric massage can include genital stimulation in order to align sexual organs with the rest of the body. A good masseuse will give you the option.


What are the benefits of a tantric massage?

The main benefit of a tantric massage is the union of sexual organs and the rest of the body. We often see genitalia as a separate part of the body, and treat it as such. When we do this, energy flow is off-balanced because we cut sexual organs off from the rest of our bodies. This leads to another misconception about orgasm. An orgasm is an experience that should include the entire body, not just genitals. When the union of sexual organs and the body as a whole happens, orgasms become pleasurable for the entire body, and not just sexual organs.


Will I experience the same benefits without having an orgasm?

Yes. One does not have to have an orgasm during a tantric massage to receive the full benefits. As the union between genitals and the rest of the body is made, sexual energy becomes a part of all of the energy flowing in our bodies. Even if you do not have an orgasm during the massage, you will still see a difference in your sexual activities, because the energy in your body is regulated with or without an orgasm.


Who should get a tantric massage?

With an open mind, anyone and everyone will benefit from a tantric massage. Many couples receive massages together and have found that they are closer to one another, and see improvements in their sex lives. A well-trained tantric massage therapist can even help some recover from traumatic sexual experiences.