Tantric Masseuse Profile

  • Name:
  • Age
  • Height:
    170 cm
  • C / W / H:
    86 / 62 / 91 cm

Our goddesses are certified in essence tantra. They are trained in tantric practices, pelvic heart integration, masculine/feminine polarity and dynamics, shamanic breath work, connected presence for your expansion. Goddesses are true professionals but more so, they consist of those who have embraced a sincere commitment in the tantric arts.

Supreme Tantric Massage London is located in Central London near Cureton St Westminster and offers you Tantric Massage, Nuru, Sensual, Erotic Massage. Call now on 07490 952 218.

The Goddesses goal is to teach each devotee how to reclaim their inspiration, purpose, and innate power through their connection to their spirit and vital force. Supporting each person in becoming the truest expression of his or her deepest self.

The quality of an tantric massage in London will depend entirely on the skills of the masseuse. Tantric massage is not easy to master. It requires a fine balance of sensuousness and sexuality. It cannot be heavy on either. The finest nuru massage in London requires sensual titillation, a degree of sexual arousal and a calming effect on the entire body. Only then can one start to experience the holistic impact on the body, mind, spirit and emotions.