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The Blend of Eroticism & Exoticism

A tantric massage is as much about pleasure as it is about rejuvenation. Any massage is therapeutic but the impact of a tantric massage is unparallel.

Our entire being comprises of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. All are dynamically interrelated. An unhealthy body can never harbor a lively spirit. A stressed mind will struggle to facilitate positive emotions. Negative emotions will always douse the spirit. And the mind, spirit and emotions have a huge bearing on the body. There are very few methods of uniting the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Tantric massage is one such rarity.

The Blend of Eroticism & Exoticism

Erotica is a spellbinder. So is anything exotic. A tantric massage or its variants such as nuru, tie & tease and yoni massage are a fine blend of eroticism and exoticism. But the quality of an erotic massage in London will depend entirely on the skills of the masseuse. Tantric massage is not easy to master. It requires a fine balance of sensuousness and sexuality. It cannot be heavy on either. The finest nuru massage in London requires sensual titillation, a degree of sexual arousal and a calming effect on the entire body. Only then can one start to experience the holistic impact on the body, mind, spirit and emotions.

The Many Benefits of Tantric Massage

The impact of a tantric massage is profound. It is often inexplicable. But there are certain benefits that anyone would experience.

  • A tantric massage relaxes the entire body. An authentic tantric massage attends to all the chakras or the energy centers in the body. Thus, you get relief from bodily stress and that is the first step to unwinding the mind. In a tantric or nuru massage, no part of the body is ignored or avoided.
  • A tantric massage improves breathing. While no one needs to learn how to breathe, one does need to do so correctly. Most people, especially when stressed and exhausted, do not breathe right. The physical and psychological unwinding during a nuru massage naturally facilitates proper breathing techniques.
  • A tantric massage is an emotional healer. Beautiful women employing various massaging methods, attending to the body and helping one to feel every part of his being will have a very positive impact on emotional wellbeing. Apart from being a stress buster, a tantric massage can heal emotional injuries. One of the core objectives of a tantric massage is not sexual in nature, it is emotional and then psychological. The two are achieved through a physical process.