Yoni is a type of tantric massage, centering on Eastern philosophy. The name comes from the Sanskrit word for vagina or “sacred space.” It focuses on the woman’s genitalia and her erogenous regions. It is basically a type of erotic massage performed also in our parlour in London, where the woman is at the center of attention.

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The ancients believed that this type of massage was actually a way of worshiping a woman’s “temple”, hence the name. An increasing number of women have found out that this type of massage is beneficial despite the fact that it does not always end in climax. The mere sensual atmosphere and the deft hands of the masseuse are often enough to produce the desired effect.

Many of our current customers have confessed that the yoni erotic massage has increased their libido, but also their  sexuality and self-confidence, giving them the possibility to explore their own bodies.

Letting a stranger massage your most intimate regions might sound invasive, but hundreds of women swear by it. Our London erotic massage center performs yoni massages in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, using fragrant oils with specialists who have mastered the tantric ways over years of practice.

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A genuine tantric or yoni massage is an emotional and spiritual journey of touch. It is an opportunity to simply receive without any expectation being placed on you. Tantric / yoni massage it is great for men or women who are longing for the touch of another person or who are not receiving enough pleasure from their partners or who are always expected to offer something in return. It is also valuable for women or men who want to learn how to be multi–orgasmic. As there is no expectation placed on orgasm, if the client has one it can often be very intense. In Tantra this is called “riding the wave”.

In our tantric massage category, we even offer the special tantric/yoni massage session that lets our clients enjoy the company of our female goddesses in the most unusual and sexually pleasing manner. The yoni massage session involves tantric activities focused towards adoration of the vagina and massage acts that’ll prove to be nothing but extremely pleasurable to all our male clients. This tantric/yoni massage will leave your body in a happy state of mind that you must not have imagined before.

Are you one of those people who are suffering from drought of sexual intimacy and pleasure? Well, Yoni massage can help you in saving your relationship. It can be an ideal solution to re-ignite your passion and love for one another. Yoni massage can help strengthen and build up sexual contact with your partner. This is very essential to those couples who are experiencing difficulties during sexual intimacy and pleasure.